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Summer Hart Graduating Cum Laude

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So You Want To Get Laid Tonight, But Your On The Road

When guys travel, it can feel like an opportunity to get some strange. And it is. And not just for you. Girls also appreciate a no strings attached sexual encounter with travelers because it lowers the risk that the guy will get hooked to them. In the local hookup world, we call this road sex. There’s an entire guide to getting laid while traveling.

The advantages to road sex are long. Less risk for getting a stage 5 clinger. It’s truly anonymous sex. It’s probably motel or hotel sex, which is always hot. And there is less risk of being caught if you do venture out in public.

Las Vegas is one of the most popular road sex destinations in the world. That’s due to both guys and girls going to Vegas for vacations away from their significant others. But using an adult dating app helps bring Vegas to any town in the United States.
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Summer Hart Graduating Cum Laude
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